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Medical Transcription Services

AHDPG is a leading provider of healthcare documentation services.  As a medical transcription company, we are committed to providing our customers with a level of service the largest MTSO's struggle to provide on a consistent basis. Our services include compliance with your turnaround time expectations, 98% accuracy, and 100% use of U.S. Medical Language Specialists.


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In today's economic environment, job security and a stable income are crucial. There will always be a need for people to see a physician or visit a hospital.

AHDPG is a workforce development and training company committed to helping students find success from enrollment through employment and beyond.

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Do You Need a Scribe?

Over the past several decades, new and interesting healthcare roles have been created to reflect the changing complexities of our health care system. We have seen the proliferation of hospitalists, surgicalists and laborists (in-hospital obstetrical specialists) on the physician side, and patient navigators, physician extenders and patient ombudsmen in the non-physician side. Now, there is […]


Scribes Actually Saving Hospitals Money!

Scribes are growing assets to the hospitals. Yes, some hospitals have the added the expense of Scribes, but it frees up the physicians’ time from clerical work which thus increases their productivity. The physician’s increase of productivity then brings in more money for the hospitals. Check out this article and share your thoughts! – See […]


Medical Billing and Coding Professions, Which one is best for you?

By: Karen Mooney, MBA, BS, CPC, CPC-I, CMSCS, CHI There is a large misconception from those that are just entering into the medical administration field.  Many people believe that billers and coders are one in the same.  In reality, there is a big difference on the focus between these two categories.  A medical biller is […]