Scribe force is growing leaps and bounds!

The number of Scribes needed across America is growing leaps and bounds! Read more about the need for Medical Scribes. Come explore our  scribe training program  and see how you can become part of this growing force.  We have a payment plan that will work for you at AHDPG.

Mobile Technology in Healthcare

Apple is leading an initiative to get mobile devices more integrated into the healthcare arena. With their upcoming iOS 8 and its HealthKit app as being an all-in-one solution for medical professionals to store patient data like blood pressure, pulse, and weight, they are hoping that physicians will use the available data to improve diagnostics and treatment decisions.  They are also looking to partner with electronic health records provider Epic Systems to integrate its software and services.  As the mobile market rapidly expands, healthcare seems like a  logical next step to integrate with.  Several healthcare facilities are currently in talks regarding integrating Apple devices with their Epic systems My Chart.  Of course with this comes other concerns and issues to be worked through but it seems that mobile technology and deeper healthcare integration could be coming together real soon.  See more about this at Reuters in this report.

Google Glass Enters the Operating Room

By now most of us have heard of Google Glass. If you have not, you need to Google it! Came across this article about Google Glass entering the operating room. It does mention about how medical software developers plan to customize it and make it HIPAA compliant. Even though physicians are already operating at dangerously high levels of multitasking levels, it could be used for teaching purposes in the operating room. Once the software is developed, I suspect physicians could even use it for dictation purposes. Dictation behind Google Glass…Just think about it.   Check out this article 

Happy Medical Transcriptionist Week!

Guardians of Health Record Integrity

Prevent Errors. Preserve Stories. Protect Lives.

This is the week we celebrate you!

National Medical Transcriptionist Week was established in 1985 by President Ronald Regan and this year marks the 28th time medical transcriptionists have been nationally recognized and honored.

See Ronald Reagan’s Proclamation 

Providing high quality patient care today does not happen solely in the exam room.  It extends far beyond that, to the many medical transcriptionists, medical billers, medical coders, medical scribes, etc. who supply the fundamental medical information used by today’s clinicians as the foundation for the very care they provide.  Without this timely and more importantly accurate information a clinician’s ability to provide quality healthcare would be severely handicapped.  It is through the perseverance of dedicated, driven, conscientious medical transcriptionists that quality medical information (the patient’s health story) is available to clinicians today and available to follow each of us into the future.  Imagine if that information was not accurate or complete!

In celebration of National Medical Transcriptionist Week we invite you to participate in contests on our Facebook page starting tomorrow, Monday, May 19th and running all week long.  We will be giving away some great prizes so don’t forget to participate daily! Please go to  American Healthcare Documentation Professionals Group and like us! Don’t forget to click get notifications to receive regular contest updates!

At AHDPG, this week we celebrate you!

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