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AHDPG/3M Speech Recognition Editing Course FAQ


What’s so special about this course?

The AHDPG/3M Speech Recognition Technology (SRE) Course is the first of its kind in our industry. It was codeveloped by AHDPG, 3M, and AHDI, three industry leaders with extensive expertise in the fields of healthcare documentation and distance education, along with the contributions of a volunteer workgroup comprised of SRE developers, MT managers and supervisors, educators, and practicing medical transcription professionals from around the country.


Why would I spend the time/money to learn speech recognition editing skills?

Job security. The demand for speech recognition editing skills is increasing dramatically due to tighter hospital budgets, the aging population and the continued labor shortage. Speech recognition editing is a skill that will help you remain competitive and stay employed in spite of economic changes and technological advances in healthcare documentation.


What is speech recognition editing (SRE)?

SRE is the activity in which a Medical Language Specialist (MLS) reviews and corrects medical documents that have been dictated then converted by automatic speech recognition software to text.


What types of corrections are made by speech recognition editors?

SRE’s correct common errors made by both dictators and speech recognition engines. Common errors include sound-alikes, incorrect words or nonsense phrases, right-left substitution, incorrect formatting of laboratory values, drug name errors, and missing words.


Is speech recognition editing faster than traditional transcription?

Most of the time, speech recognition improves documentation productivity. Factors that affect the effectiveness and productivity of speech recognition include the compatibility of each specific dictator with speech recognition technology and the editing proficiency of the individual MLS.


Will speech recognition editing eventually replace medical transcriptionists?

Not in our lifetime. The consensus among industry professionals at this time is that SRE is a productivity tool that will indefinitely require human intervention and judgment to be beneficial. The professionals best equipped to interact with the technology are the knowledge experts, Medical Language Specialists! But, MTs must adapt to changes in technology to stay in the game. Just as we adapted to correction typewriters, computers, and various transcription platforms, we can and will adapt to speech recognition technology.


How do I access the AHDPG/3M Speech Recognition Editing Course?

This course is 100% online with no scheduled class times. Since it is self-study, you can begin the course when it’s convenient for your schedule.


How long is the course?

This course is designed to be completed within 8-12 weeks.


What will I learn in the course?

This 100% online course gives you the opportunity for hands-on practice with speech recognition editing on 3M's platform using authentically speech-recognized drafts from real physicians. Content areas include history and development of speech recognition technology, basic scientific terms relating to speech recognition technology, differences between front-end and back-end speech recognition technology, productivity and quality issues, the role of speech recognition technology in the electronic health record and implications of speech recognition technology on the future of the MT industry.


Is this speech recognition editing training available in AHDPG’s medical transcription training program, or available only as a standalone course?

AHDPG has incorporated speech recognition editing training into our full medical transcription training program. This standalone program is designed for existing medical transcriptionist.


How am I graded on the course work?

Exercises and exams will receive grades. A passing grade is 85%.


How much does the course cost?

The cost of the SRE course is $295.

What proof of completion will I receive?

Students who satisfactorily complete the course will receive a Certificate of Completion along with 10 CECs, (5 TW and 5 PD ), from AHDI.


When and how can I enroll?

The course is currently open for enrollment.

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