The healthcare industry is changing dramatically. That’s very good news for individuals interested in launching a career in healthcare or existing professionals looking to take their established career to the next level.  Why? Because change creates opportunity!

Two things make us stand out among other medical career training programs. Most courses teach at the introductory level. Our courses cover the material at the professional level – the information required for the various industry credentialing exams as well as the knowledge students need to thrive once employed.

How Do We Know?
As both an employer, as well as a training provider, our proven track record is clear.  Our success is demonstrated by the success our graduates have had on the various certification exams as well as the success they have had in the workplace.

About Our Training Programs
Our career training programs are delivered online, enabling students to pursue self-paced learning in their area of interest, and we also provide a variety of student and graduate resources to ensure students success post-graduation.   The various training programs offered by AHDPG are considered by many in the industry to offer the best bang (content, preparation and instruction) for the money.  Hospitals, clinics, medical billing and coding services, medical insurance companies and other employers continue to recognize the value of hiring an AHDPG graduate and we appreciate the fine healthcare employers (Employer Affiliates) who have graciously tested and hired our new graduates over the years.

Please consider each of our training programs carefully and call us to discuss the best health care career option(s) for your specific situation.

Medical Transcription Editing
Medical Scribe
Medical Billing & Reimbursement
Inpatient Medical Coding
Outpatient Medical Coding
Clinical Medical Assisting
Administrative Medical Assisting
Continuing Education Programs
Credentialing Programs
Our Webinar Series

Now is the time to begin to acquire the knowledge, skills and credentials desired by today’s employers.


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